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Orlando International Airport Considers Replacing TSA with Privatized Airport Security


ORLANDO, Fla. (FOX 35 WOFL) – The fight over airport security is heating up at the Orlando International Airport.

The Orange County government is looking to get rid of the TSA and hire private contractors to operate the airport’s security measures. The TSA will still oversee the security of the airport, but the actual agents and screeners will be private contractors if the vote goes through.

Supports of the TSA do not want this and say that the TSA is doing a good job. Last year, the Orlando International Airport ranked seventh in the nation when it comes to guns and other

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The first housing complex for adults with developmental disabilities opens in Orlando

The first housing complex for adults with developmental disabilities opens in Orlando

Designed specifically for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, Quest Village gives its tenants a chance at autonomy.

The brainchild of Quest Inc., a nonprofit that provides aide to those with developmental or intellectual disabilities, the 40-unit housing complex is the first of its kind in Central Florida. Rents are on a fixed scale and start as low as $379 a month, plus a fee for services like housekeeping and assistance with meals, among others.

“Our hope is that [the tenants will] acquire the skills so they don’t need our help anymore,” John Gill, president and CEO of Quest Village, told WFTV. “Every individual will be reassessed every quarter, so if they developed the skills, they may not need the support anymore.”

Around 30 residents have so far been welcomed into the new $12 million village, which sits on five acres along Woodbury Road.

“There are 50,000 individuals with a developmental disability turning 18 each year,” Gill said in an interview with WKMG. “Just like typical people, they want to live on their own. But they need a little help.”

To learn more about the complex, click here.

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These Are the Best Places to Get Married in 2018 by State

Urbanites rejoice: Your big city wedding dream might not be as unrealistic as you’d think.

Though planning a wedding is incredibly challenging and costly—couples shell out an average of $35,000 for their wedding day!—picking your favorite city venue might not be out of the question.

Finance website WalletHub compared over 180 of the biggest cities in U.S. across 23 key indicators of cost-effectiveness, convenience, and enjoyment to help brides and grooms find their perfect wedding venue, and surprisingly, some of the biggest U.S. cities landed highest on the list.

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The data set ranges from average wedding cost to venues and event spaces per capita to hotel availability. So even though some of the biggest U.S. cities made the list, they take into account the amount of resources available to wedding planners and engaged couples alike.

These are the top 10 overall best cities to marry in, according to Wallet Hub:

1. Orlando, Florida

2. Las Vegas

3. Atlanta

4. Los Angeles

5. Miami

6. San Diego

7. San Fransisco

8. Chicago

9. New York City

10. Portland, Oregon

In addition, Wallet Hub rounded up the best city to wed in every state, and luckily, they’re some of the most beautiful spots in the country. Check to see if your venue’s city made the list:

Alabama: Birmingham

Alaska: Anchorage

Arizona: Tucson

Arkansas: Little Rock

California: Los Angeles

Colorado: Denver

Connecticut: New Haven

Delaware: Wilmington

Florida: Orlando

Georgia: Atlanta

Hawaii: Honolulu

Idaho: Boise City

Illinois: Chicago

Indiana: Indianapolis

Iowa: Des Moines

Kansas: Wichita

Kentucky: Louisville

Louisiana: New Orleans

Maine: Portland

Maryland: Baltimore

Massachusetts: Boston

Michigan: Detroit

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Mississippi: Jackson

Missouri: St. Louis

Montana: Billings

Nebraska: Omaha

Nevada: Las Vegas

New Hampshire: Manchester

New Jersey: Jersey City

New Mexico: Albuquerque

New York: New York City

North Carolina: Charlotte

North Dakota: Fargo

Ohio: Cincinnati

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

Oregon: Portland

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Rhode Island: Providence

South Carolina: Columbia

South Dakota: Rapid City

Tennessee: Knoxville

Texas: Austin

Utah: Salt Lake City

Vermont: Burlington

Washington: Seattle

West Virginia: Charleston

Wisconsin: Milwaukee

Wyoming: Casper

You don’t need to sacrifice your dream venue for your budget— you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too.

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