The first housing complex for adults with developmental disabilities opens in Orlando

Designed specifically for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, Quest Village gives its tenants a chance at autonomy.

The brainchild of Quest Inc., a nonprofit that provides aide to those with developmental or intellectual disabilities, the 40-unit housing complex is the first of its kind in Central Florida. Rents are on a fixed scale and start as low as $379 a month, plus a fee for services like housekeeping and assistance with meals, among others.

“Our hope is that [the tenants will] acquire the skills so they don’t need our help anymore,” John Gill, president and CEO of Quest Village, told WFTV. “Every individual will be reassessed every quarter, so if they developed the skills, they may not need the support anymore.”

Around 30 residents have so far been welcomed into the new $12 million village, which sits on five acres along Woodbury Road.

“There are 50,000 individuals with a developmental disability turning 18 each year,” Gill said in an interview with WKMG. “Just like typical people, they want to live on their own. But they need a little help.”

To learn more about the complex, click here.

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Finding The Best Rental Apartments Orlando

Finding the best rental apartments Orlando can be a daunting task if you are a first-time renter or even a seasoned house hunter. To ensure that you find the best apartment for you there are a number of steps that you should consider. These steps help you find the best apartment not only in terms of price but size and location.

Look At Your Budget

Before you start looking through apartment listings you need to know how much you are able to spend. It is recommended by the U.S Census Bureau that your monthly rent does not exceed 20% to 30% of your monthly income. To determine what this amounts to in dollars per month you need to consider you budget.

Looking at your incomes and expenditures allows you to see just how much you are able to spend on rent. You will also be able to determine if there are any areas where you can save money in order to afford a pricier apartment.

Additional Costs To Consider

When looking at apartments Orlando many people assume that the amount they pay in rent is simply what the apartment is advertised for. While this is a logical assumption there are additional costs that you should consider. These costs are not technically part of the rental price, but, do make up your monthly housing budget.

The points you should consider are transport costs and renters insurance. If you are looking outside the urban areas you need to factor in how much it will cost you to get to work and stores. Renters insurance may be something the landlord covers, but it is best to consider it when looking.

What To Look For In An Apartment

Once you have your budget ready, you can start looking at apartment listings. It is important that price is not the only factor that you consider when doing this. It is also important that you allow yourself enough time to properly look for a rental property and not leave this until the last minute.

While price is not the only factor to look at, for most people it is the most important. When looking at listings ensure that they are within your budget and that there are no additional costs that you have not already taken into account. Do not look at apartments that are outside your budget as the landlords are unlikely to negotiate a lower rental price.

Location is another major factor to consider when looking at apartments. There is no point in being in an apartment in an area that has nothing you need. Ensure that the area fits around your lifestyle to guarantee you make the most of the location.

You should also consider the safety of the apartment. This does not just include it being in a safe area, but that the landlord has made an effort to ensure their tenants safety. This includes good locks on doors and windows as well as private entrances.

Once you have considered all of these factors you can look to sign the paperwork for the apartment. It is important that you read the lease before signing to ensure there is nothing strange hidden inside. When looking for rental apartments Orlando, it is important that you consider the price, safety, and location before signing anything.

What To Look For In Apartments Orlando

Renting apartments in Orlando isn’t always a straightforward task as there are quite a few aspects of renting that you will need to take into consideration. Since you’re going to be signing a lease, it’s important that you’re sure about an apartment before signing on the dotted line. You couldn’t possible prepare for everything your apartment hunting may throw your way, but we shall give you some ideas on what to look for. Young adults are especially finding it hard to put roots down when they feel lost searching for their first dwellings.

1. Location

The location of an Orlando apartment is extremely important. There are so many wonderful sights and neighborhoods on the city, but it makes sense to choose a location that works for your needs. You wouldn’t want to rent an apartment that is far away from your school or workplace. Not to mention, there are many seedy neighborhoods you should stay away from, so it’s important that your apartment is in a safe location that works with your way of life.

2. Size

It does make a difference whether you’re moving to an apartment alone or with friends or family members. The more people you have with you, the bigger the square footage of the apartment needs to be. Depending on the apartment complex you choose, there are going to be different options in terms of size. Most commonly, you can choose to rent a studio, one bedroom or a two bedroom apartment.

3. Layout

Depending on when the apartments were built, you will find that layouts will vary greatly. In any case, do take into consideration the layout of an apartment before signing a lease. If you live alone, perhaps the layout won’t be a big issue, but it may be if you hope to get a roommate down the line or enjoy entertaining.

4. Amenities

What’s exactly included in the price of your apartment? Some apartments have partially paid for utilities and others may require the tenant to take care of all bills. Additionally, apartments often come with amenities such as swimming pools, laundromats as well as personal gyms. Since you will undoubtedly look at several apartments before making a decision, choose one that fits your lifestyle the most.

5. Price

Perhaps price is the most important factor when selecting your apartment. It may be hard to stay within your budget in the Orlando area, but always look at the bigger picture. If you like a certain apartment complex, consider renting a small unit as opposed to moving to a poorer neighborhood with larger units. There are going to be some sacrifices you will need to make depending on your allotted budget.

Apartment hunting is never an easy task, and once you sign a lease, you’re obligated to stay there for however long your contract calls for. For this reason, it’s important to do research ahead of time and only commit to an apartment when you feel you’ve found a good match.